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Outsourced Sales

Wheeler Bailey offers outsourced sales resource. We can supply all or part of the resources required to staff the sales function. At one end of the scale a single sales person or even telesales/telemarketing resource through to a fully functioning sales organisation comprising VP Sales, Sales Management, Enterprise New Business Sales, Enterprise Account Management, Internal Sales, Partner Sales and a Telesales/Telemarketing team.

Outsourced Sales

New Geography

Technology Company expanding into new Geography?

Wheeler Bailey offers a lower risk, higher reward route to expanding sales operations into Europe. Why pay high set up costs for staff and offices when Wheeler Bailey can provide highly experienced, self supported resource for significantly less cost. An important, but less than positive consideration is, should your expansion prove unsuccessful, closing down a European office with employed staff is neither straightforward or inexpensive.

New Vertical Market

Do you have a strategy to expand into a different vertical market with your existing product?

Wheeler Bailey can provide industry specialists who have experience with specific verticals, understand the business drivers and know the decision makers.

New Product

Have you introduced a new product or solution to your portfolio but don’t want to distract your current selling operation away from your existing business?

Use Wheeler Bailey to focus specifically on the new product. We can craft the message, test the target market, build a pipeline and of course close initial deals before handing the process over to your existing sales team.


Need a resource immediately whilst a full time employee is recruited but can’t afford not to be servicing opportunities and clients whilst the right person is identified use Wheeler Bailey.

Start Up

A fledgling company with a proposition and maybe its first few customers? Do you have the beginnings of a great business but need a partner to grow your Sales operation for you?

Use one of Wheeler Bailey’s highly experienced start up sales resources to incubate the proposition.


Established technology company increasing sales staff? Is your immediate issue too much potential opportunity and not enough quality resource to qualify and close it?

Use Wheeler Bailey to rapidly understand the proposition and close those deals.


Is there are requirement to make some changes to the existing sales organisation due to underperformance? Do you need to shake up the team that will remain?

Use Wheeler Bailey to help you to demonstrate the art of the possible whilst reducing employee headcount but not the impact of your sales operation.

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